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Hi Teens, Worldwide.  Thank you for stopping by for our magazine launched Jan 1st, 2017

Super Teens Magazine is by no means a “Tween Magazine” STM focuses on high school Senior and College freshman’s. Both share the isolation and social differences from their peers as newbies coming or on campus.

Seniors experience social indifferences on both high school and college campuses. Both actually carrying the same title. The Newbie.

Super Teens Magazine, seeks to make that transition gap the coolest place to be on either side. STM looks forward with helping High School Seniors transition into College Freshman’s “The Coolest” around the U.S and make this era in life an exciting and fun experience.

Our involvement will be to keep high school seniors and college freshman’s communicating with each other to assist and prepare for leaving one world and entering another with social events, concerts and educational speaking engagements. Using the support of good sorority, fraternity graduates and alumni successors as a receiving team. Ready to greet and welcome high school seniors  into young adult hood. By not sugar coating anything and pre-educating high school seniors about college life’s, fun and dangers. Dos and Don’ts.

No one is better suited to deliver such information than the Chief Editor of Super Teens Magazine , Amaris Sophe Adara. Who’s all her life has faced transitions and challenges as a Foster-care and Wednesday’s child until age 18.

Staff at Super Teens Magazine, hopes teenagers and college young adults from around the world, will join us in this voyage to inspire, educate and motivate through our magazine.

Written by: Amaris Sophe Adra



           “Healthy or Not Healthy”

It’ does not matter the race; this has proven unhealthy in every piece of research.

These are my sentiments and i’ve been on both sides in this matter with the good and the bad as they say; in the end its all bad

Teens experiencing or exploring with their relationships fantasy’s enter these situations mostly for all the wrong reason.

  • Emotional and Mental Attachment Dependency #1
  • The in Crowd ( Got to fit in)
  • Bi Curious Attraction (a fling)
  • Sorority / Fraternity hazing challenge
  • Friendship manipulation (called the mole) waited till you were at your lowest
  • Relationship Abuse  “Hate All Men”  Sour Retaliation

And number of other reason a mile long that does not amount to anything that describes a genuine and relative interest in one another that will provide both parties absolute clarity, why two teenagers or people are united as a couple.

Astonishingly, Americas domestic violence and homicide departments have quadrupled since 2014 with assault and murder. All in the “Same Sex Relationships” category across the nation. Check your city’s statistics .

The City of Atlanta violent statistics, started to rise the governor and city managers jump out in front to acknowledge their was a major problem is why the governor sought to resend the same sex marriage ruling in Georgia. Based on the amount of marriages turned violent and divorces applied for; in less than ninety days after being Wed.

I welcome any feed back or response to this article. I’m armed with the truth of statistics and deep research; before i printed my findings .

Author: U-ME



The Events World  Emerging Artist “LIVE” Showcase will provide artists the professional performance and media exposure they’ve dreamt and deserve. A real chance to perform in front of a global audience via LIVE BROADCAST on Events World TV!

EW TV Emerging Artist “LIVE” Showcase is America’s 1st of its kind!  An “IPTV” broadband broadcast, marketed to a global, socially engaged, direct market, “The Now Audience”, users of smartphones, laptops, computers, and Smart TV’s worldwide!

The Events World  Emerging Artist “LIVE” Showcase will launch April 20th, 2017

with a series of LIVE broadcast events for five months beginning in Atlanta, GA running through August 2017.

EWEAS has  twenty (10) planned dates set on Thursday’s at the Atrium in Atlanta, between those dates EWEAS will travel to ten (10) cities (TBD) twice a month to broadcast emerging artists in those locales.

EWEAS will invite artists back to Atlanta for the two day EWEAS showcase, which will be a culmination of talent from our local Atlanta area and the ten cities, giving selected artists the exposure they deserve and opportunities galore!

The Atrium is the number one event center in the Atlanta metro area, centrally located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Atrium’s is a modernized facility equipped with a state of the art sound and lighting system.

The lower level has two separate venues separated by the main lobby that is located in the entrance center of the facility. The stages are set apart from each other which makes it possible to have two shows going on simultaneously.

The Atrium holds 3,500 persons comfortably, has it’s own parking and the following attributes, making this the perfect location for EWEAS Thursday night shows!

  • 2 sound stages
  • sound intelligent lighting
  • huge dance floors
  • High performance laser Show
  • 3 separate party rooms
  • 6 luxury VIP sections
  • Large indoor heated pool
  • Large 3 window ticket booths
  • 5 huge full service bars
  • 20ft X 8ft electronic marquee
  • 3 theatre size projection screens
  • 3 camera video production w/ realtime editing and post production
  • 16 ft Fashion show runway
  • Friendly and courteous bartenders & waitstaff
  • On-site ticket printing
  • 6 acres of free parking
  • Full service industrial kitchen

ASA Television, Thee Creative Agency and Global Network Music Group have joined forces to create EWEAS and give every artist of every music genre a chance to perform “LIVE” in front of a worldwide audience via[




“Awaken Your Magick”

A community on Facebook has astonishingly become one the most popular though out face book land. What you will see upon acceptance is a brief and pretty cool greeting with the rules. What you’ll find is an array of interest and members. I was surprise at the wealth of knowledge and fun spirits everyone has in this community.

Dear Witchery Student:
On behalf of the entire Witchery council, we welcome you. The Code of Conduct for Students is an important document that provides you with key policies pertinent to your Witchery education. The School of Witchery is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for you to achieve your personal and academic goals. Therefore, as a student, you are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the policies and regulations outlined here. The student conduct policies were reviewed and edited by our council.We welcome your full participation in life at the School of Witchery and wish you the very best as you pursue your passion.
Sincerely, Juliet Diaz, Headmistress & The School of Witchery Council
Students are expected to follow these basic rules:
Respect different values, beliefs, cultures, religions, crafts and practices
Don’t bully, intimidate, harass or discriminate against other students or staff
Be polite and respectful to everyone including students, teachers, administrators, and visitors
Social Media and Digital Communication:
As a member of the The School of Witchery each student is expected to up hold themselves, each other, and the school with the upmost respect. Each student represents the school and for this reason we expect students to act with dignity, respect, compassion while they interact with each other on social media or other forms of digital communication. Any student found to be making disparaging or slanderous remarks about students or the school on social media or other digital communication, will be dismissed from the school.
We welcome you to empower and inspire one another, share your journey and connect with other students. To keep this group from becoming spammy, refrain from advertising. If we see this, we will delete the post. If you ignore this policy multiply times, we will take you out of the group.
Thank you Fashion is every girls fantasy and STM will keep our audience up to date with today’s and tomorrows fashions, Jewelry & Makeup trends and shows.

Another season has come and gone, spring 2016 was action-packed. 2017 has plenty of designer debuts, and even more new product shows, there’s much to discuss readers.

In between persueing the most-viewed collections, catwalk breakouts, and our favorite moments. Here’s your chance to brush up on the biggest trends of the Spring. From splashes of sporty bright colors, to signature tees and full sleeves is what you can expect to see come 2017.

Readers, Post your trend idea of what spring 2017 will bring. Super Teens magazine would love to hear, what you have in min





A Young Girl, After School affair with young and older men has been the core of our teen pregnancy’s that has caused, So many bright minds to end their future towards a healthy and successful life is a direct impact to “kids raising kids” and the number one escalation to welfare recipients and non-graduates.

This matter must be addressed to start the transition to change our societie economy, young women and men to remain in school and achieve greatness towards building a healthy economy and new jobs through self employment i believe to be a great start.

Where to be began ? In the home is a good area mothers and fathers, even relatives and friends taking part in accounting for a childs. Where abouts and paying attention to their dating and friend interest. I’ve seen how a village can come together and welcome each others input about a childs, unorthodox activities after school and weekend recreational ventures to create a invisible wall around these kids that someone is always there to report your wrongs.

PSA’s continuously promote “see something – say something”.

However, when on lookers see something and report to parents. It becomes the prideful parent defense for their child. Instead of a welcoming acceptance worthy of a parents concerned interest to look into the information. However, This usually results in conflict of interest and the falling out of the concerned family member or neighbor. This has to Stop.

That’s, where the break in parents and community unity have broken down and the potential problem is overlooked, nine months later is to late.

2017 will bring on smarter and more manipulative activity from Teens “WHY” Because we live in a fast pace information and content available world that kids are accessing at an alarming rate via social media. Purchasing access via e-commerce and debit cards as their purchasing power. Both which go unnoticed by parents.

Parents should pay more attention to the financial spending and the social media activity of their kids.

  • open a fake profile on their social media – yet don’t jump on the first thing you see wrong. wait till there are three or more suspicions or valid concerns that blocks any defense your child may have time to provide a manipulative excuse
  • Never under any circumstances reveal your fake social media identity- you might even have two. Male and Female accounts
  • Do not ever use these account to violate genuine private matters, you have to set standards to yourself to follow as to eliminate you being charged as a over bearing parent violating their privacy
  • Teens consider themselves adults using the parents funding and with this they use the sliding scale identity “Your Child when they need and Adult when they Don’t” Double identity. Usually copied from someones visible role playing.

I truly hope this has provided food for thought for both parents and your children . Education for parents and a warning parents are not dumb to teens.

Amaris Adara






“Bullying” is a topic everyone tries to address but shun at relating to from their own personal experience. Whether you were the bully, the bullied or the witness to a scene of bullying, it affects us all. In today’s world bullying has risen to new heights and trampled over previous boundaries. In this socially visible and connected age, bullying is flourishing and everyone is watching it happen all over Social Media.


When people see someone getting made fun of, shoved, beat up and harassed the idea of intervening is the furthest from their mind. Onlookers, to the first on the scene all of a sudden become live media journalist and paparazzi. People record these episodes now on Facebook live, catch 60sec views on Instagram, Tweet and even setup altercations through the Vine app which often make it to the infamous World Star Hip-Hop. Now people are better journalists than human beings and it transcends the idea of the school yard playground.


As Charlamagne The God, host of the The Breakfast Club morning show, would say, “the internet is undefeated.” College campuses and high schools alike play host to a multitude of bully worthy coverage that does not stop when the school day ends. The negativity transcends with “@’s” and “#’s” on social media for everyone to see. From instances of bullying cases highlighting ongoing racial issues, and stories ranging from cases like #IstandWithNatasha, a young African-American woman physically and verbally bullied by a Caucasian-American male at Baylor University. The incident caused such a stir, over 100 people, students and staff of all races showed up in support of Natasha and walked her to her classes.


Cases like Natasha’s and young Ahmed Mohamed or 16yr old Jada, a young lady who was raped and it went viral online, continues to show us how massive an issue bullying is and how Social Media plays a negative role. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton bullied each other during the Presidential Campaign, showing us bullying isn’t just reserved for the young and reckless.

Whether bullying in person with verbal taunts and threatening physical harm or bullying online with memes and trending social ridicule, bullying has become a recognized issue with a blurred line everyone has taken part in Anon-Rose

Author: Jarrett Demetre





Welcome high school athletic stars, seniors readying for the college life. We’re ready to cover your career voyage into the next level of your life.

Super Teens Magazine will be on location around the U.S covering exceptional players, cheerleaders and school achievers that rise above the calling to greatness



The modeling – actor world has exploded onto the scene and casting firms are seeking the next big face or actor all over the world. ASA Television Studios and Thee Creative Agency, We’re seeking both talents on a regular and will utilizing Super Teens Magazine to search for these talents. Keep a look out for  STM casting calls, Soon!


Chief Editor

Relaunching 2021 As America'sHigh School Senior's Young Teenage Adult & College Freshmen Millennials. Lifestyle Social Magazine, We bridge the gap between seniors becoming freshmen and college freshman's becoming millennials and you thought they both had nothing in common. Super Teens Magazine is the worlds information sources and growth resources to elevating in a new world of social distancing, rising entrepreneurs fresh ourt of high school and college. Need to grow up fast and adapt to the world and its many changes. Stay in tune with our magazine which will keep you intun with the world of growing up fast and adventuring the globe

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