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Strip Club Summer School for Students

Yes, Spring Break and Summer is when young women from all around the world run to audition for Strip Clubs

Strip Clubs have swept the world as the most popular attraction to teens and young adults as the choice for entertainment, income supplement and moonlighting. Young women have confused this once forbidden trade as a way to escape life’s challenges and financial debt. Others say it’s the only way to party, find sex and make unbelievable money.

Parents now have strip clubs on their radar as the first place to look for their high school or college daughter, rebelling against school, parenting and unemployment. Police, the first place for run a ways, wives for unfaithful husbands and a fathers substance abused sons. Young women see this as the fast track to money, self-confidence building and that personal attention, they’ve never experienced from family. Fast Money is The Honey that draws the worlds young college women and high school run a ways into this dark world. to pay for drugs, pimps, fashion dreams and a life of fairy tales.

There is a major downside to this mentally and physically for dancers, after being involved in this once forbidden trade. Mentally Broken, unable to have a healthy relationship, organ failure and sickness from drug use, unprotected vip room and after work sex escapades. The world sees the outcome and chooses to ignore. Because the strip club industry employees to many from city government, city councils, celebrity’s and definitely the rich as a non-stop “Cash Cow”. There are a hand full of professionally clean gentlemen’s clubs operating in the U.S. You have to look at that as; there are only a hand full of honest police officers in a Department.

Thousands are damaged by the fast life of this legal club business – covering for illegal prostitution. where, the mass pay out is taxes for the cities are too great to shut them down. Unless! there’s a bigger purse on the table. Multi-Millions in Real Estate Investment Development.

Example: Atlanta, known as Strip Club Capital of the World! Finally, has started to crack down on the bad business of strip clubs. Not because of the harm its causing nor the illegal prostitution or drugs. But to pave the way for millions in real estate investment as atlanta did with the Famous Gold Club. Now, The Cheetah Club. who recently were all over the news networks nationally. An Atlanta City “Media Assault”. Just as the city of Atlanta used media to shut down Famous Gold Club for Marta Transit and Their Shopping Facility’s.

Marta Transportation HQ needed a New  home; was the subject of shutting down Famous Gold club and Now Sky Scraper – High Rise Condos downtown has ignited the city of Atlanta going after Cheetah Club Atlanta. Now the evidence of professional pimping and pandering the dancers by employees is over whelming for The Cheetah Club. Where’s, Atlanta Mayor: Kasim Reid when the media heat is Flaming Hot on Strip Clubs . Well, Let’s just say from a public figure; who enjoys the exotic art himself “Quiet”

Most are saying, about time  to strip club harassment. Super Teens Magazine, We’re saying “BUNK THAT” The regulation and closing of businesses that endanger the well-being and soil the communities of U.S Citizens. Should be regulated and/or closed to improve the communities and citizens safety, especially if this clears the education path for young minds to growth. Just! Not for profit gain. YES, America is this world’s most manipulative country from its government core to our power and industry ran white house.

The one thing Americans should hold dear to assure a better America; Education. So, forbid students from working in strip clubs, raise the age minimum to age 25. impose the same law for drugs and Schools apply them to strip clubs. No strip clubs within 1000 ft. of schools, churches, city buildings,residential and corporate communities.

Mandatory quarterly drug screening and family court and child custody  for those dancers with children, who are found in non-compliance with the siting a safety violation of these kids or if  drugs are found  in their systems for starters this will eliminate the “Honey Trap Attraction” that baits our teens and young adults into their web.

Author: ME U



Chief Editor

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