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PQ: Pagent Queen > Nia Hampton

 PQ: Age > 22

 PQ: Hometown > Snellville, GA

PQ: Current City > St. Louis

Whats your Occupation? 
PQ > Account Manager for P&G and Dance Instructor

Whats your;  Favorite Movie and book?
PQ> Movies- 50 First Dates
PQ> Book- The Four Agreements 

 ?Has being miss conyers changed anything for you
PQ> My title has given me the platform to promote Dance Education for the Boys & Girls Club, and my crown has given me a microphone to speak out for those who may not always have a voice.

 ? Any Hobbies?
PQ> When ever I have free time it’s usually spent Dancing, practicing Yoga, and Traveling 

 ?Whats Favorite Vacation Destination(s)?
PQ> Anywhere that I’ve never been before! I love traveling to new places that have different customs from what I’m use to, especially overseas 

What made you decide to run as a pageant contestant?
PQ> My love for dance and performing is what made me decide to join the Miss America Organization. Once I did I discovered that it is so much more than a pageant and I was uplifted by ladies with similar interest and passions as me. 

?Where did you attend school (HS/College)?
PQ> Parkview High School/ University of Georgia

What is your ultimate career goal?
PQ > I plan to be the Artistic Director/Owner of a Dance Studio so that I can inspire people through dance the same way it has inspired me. 

 ?Would you do another pagent in the future ?
PQ> I will see what the future holds 🙂

?What advice do you have for younger girls who are interested in pageants and winning a crown?
PQ > BE AUTHENTIC! Stay true to who you are and ask yourself why you want to compete in the first place. With the crown comes a lot of accountability and ownership.
Jarrett Demetre
Director of PHotography
Thee Creative Agency – ATL

Naomi Glay – Personal Assistant
Cell : (678) 590 – 0469


SE Director of PHotography
The Q-Gentleman Magazine – NYC




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Amaris Sophe Adara, Promotions Ads Model,Actress and Talk Show Host to "GURL TALK TV SHOW" Americas first IPTV Talk show to launch in 2013 Worldwide in eleven countries. Amaris Sophe Adara. CEO to Amaris Sophe Adara Television Corporation based Atlanta Georgia. Also is the youngest Ceo and woman Television Network owner in the U.S Your Founder and Chief Editor of Super Teens Magazine Amaris Sophe Adara

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