November Issue 2017

Model Justis Mullins is titled “The Purfect Pocket’s” Model Face

Meet Model “Justis Mullins” he is  21 years of age, Stands  6’2, weighs 220 and he is absolutely ripped and single LADIES !

Justis began working with veteran talent developer Leonardo Willis at Thee Creative Agency. This year as soon as he is eligible he will sign on as TCA’s First male model. Justice seen here modeling as a free agent for men’s accessories line The PURfect Pocket a national brand launched here in the U.S and growing like wildfire to becoming a key accessory to high end  mens attire.

You can check them out at:

Amaris: So, Justis you’re single – what’s that like being so darn sexy-handsome ?

ASA Studios Promo Ads Photo Shoot

Justis: Well, (smirking so handsome) it’s difficult at times. I’m truly focused on graduating georgia state Where I major in finance and building my modeling career. I love women – don’t get me wrong . School and Career are my priorities at this moment.

Amaris: Well said Justis. Tell me about your everyday routine

Talk Show Host at Gurl Talk TV Show

Justis: I awake and take my run, come back and have breakfast and prepare my lunch for the day. I’m a car salesmans and Uber Duber guy (laughing). I gotta pay the bills right ? Then maybe hit the gym late night and back home.

Amaris: So, You really don’t have a lot of time. juggling school and career throughout a full week.

Justis: It’s honestly very hard at times and it can be lonely. Especially trying to keep those bags from under my eyes.  I get chewed out every lab day at TCA , Mr. leo checks me at the door, looks me in the face and says. “Up all night with young girls huh”.

Justis: Mr. Leo really does not have a clue (justis laughing)

Amaris: The girls want me to ask Justis ? what’s your taste in women ?

Justis: OH Wow ! Let me see hmm…I’m gonna say. soft-fit, curvy, healthy on top and bottom. But not redunkulous on the top and bottom “A Balance Proportion”. I like all 32 flavors (justis naughty smile) Her appearance is square and kind of down to earth funny. I definitely like the adventurous outgoing type.

Someone I can be seen with in public wearing sweats and she is still the greatest person. She’s Got to be a go goal orientated go getter, absolutely..

Amaris: Ok Justis, you can’t have me (amaris laughing) ? Where do you see TCA Taking your career.

Justis: Glad you ask Amaris. I was sign to one of those harvesting agencies (YES) I was naive and bought into the advertisement and sales pitch. I was there for a year. I was”Shelved Talent” waiting for someone else to do the agencies job. I signed a bareback contract. That means they didn’t have to do anything for me. They didn’t have to Promote, Market or Create my content for marketing. Just send me on audition ill prepared. {no need to say who}.

My dad told me about a family friend Mr. Leonardo and told me to go see him. Mr. Leo changed my life in one day with industry education. Once I’m cleared of the other agencies disclaimer clause. I see TCA elevating my career into warp speed. “Keep an Eye out for Justis Mullins”. I’m coming!

Amaris: Watch out World . HERE COMES “JUSTIS MULLINS” ! OK Justis, Mr PURfect Pocket Model. I’ve really enjoyed our time and I will definitely keep a lookout. I have all the confidence in the world. You are going be Mr.IT!

Modeling The PURfect Pocket

M @JXMULLINSAmaris Adara  & Justis Mullins: Well there you have it ladies, Model Justis Mullins. Follow him on instagram @jxmullins



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