Meet ASA Television Studios – Chamblee, Georgia. Creative video production teams, man behind the scenes Fredrick “Skooze” Jones.  Mr. Jones has been with ASA TV since it’s beginning wearing many hats as actor, editor, script writer and camera man along side the two founders.

Today, Mr, Jones heads “TEAM ASA” along with five others that make up Atlanta’s newest creative ads production team to keep a watch out. ASA TV Studios, one of a hand full of Americas first complete (IPTV) broadcast networks. Yes, full television content programing – distribution to mobile channels and a global audience. ASA also mass produces live broadcast talk shows, as well as produces ads content for several brands. Northwestern Mutual, Quest Sports Massage Therapy and Historic Noir Coffee, just to name a few.

The internal division at ASA Television Studios consist of a veteran Ads/Marketing firm acquired in 2014, now an ASA TV division “Thee Creative Agency”. A Record Label Global Network Music Group, which played an intricate role in A&R consulting, artist development, radio brokerage and licensing, during the music industry’s boom in Atlanta. Now GNMG powers the jingle and content licensing division at ASA TV Studios. January 2017  Super Teens Magazine was launched adding a publishing division to an already fascinating company.

Stay tuned-in and on the look out for (DP) Fredric Jones and ASA TV Studios, first film production as this power house company and “TEAM ASA” super staff start production around Atlanta and Georgia  June 2017

Fredrick Jones has been the spirit and glue behind the rise of Atlanta’s most modern technology television studios. Headed by CEO, Amaris Sophe Adara, ASA Television Studios is a minority female owned corporation, which happens to be a debt free Atlanta Business.

Visit: Www.ASATelevisionStudios.TV


Chief Editor

Amaris Sophe Adara, Promotions Ads Model,Actress and Talk Show Host to "GURL TALK TV SHOW" Americas first IPTV Talk show to launch in 2013 Worldwide in eleven countries. Amaris Sophe Adara. CEO to Amaris Sophe Adara Television Corporation based Atlanta Georgia. Also is the youngest Ceo and woman Television Network owner in the U.S Your Founder and Chief Editor of Super Teens Magazine Amaris Sophe Adara

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