Feb Issue 2018

Meet, Our Parent Company and Ceo.

Amaris Sophe Adara at age 26 is Americas . Youngest, Chief Executive Officer and woman to own and operate a U.S Television Network. First and only woman to do so in today’s Streaming Television platform.  Which distributes scheduled broadcast programming to mobile devices around the world.

Ms. Adara is also the Chief In Editor of Super Teens Magazine. A brand of ASA Television Corporation. We are proud to be apart of ms. adara’s making history.

Amaris, Also host “Gurl Talk TV Show” The show that launched ASA TV into orbit. Catch the 5th season of Gurl Talk. This 2018 in august on the new “Global Mobile Television Network” Channel 6. accessible anywhere in the world. By simply visiting ASA Television Network of channels at Www.ASAGTVD.Com

Click on Channel 6, turn up the volume and watch Gurl Talk and many of programs on several other channels on your smartphone, laptop, personal computer or smart tv browser. ASA,TODAY TELEVISION

Chief Marketing Officer 

Leonardo willis, Partner to ms adrara at ASA Television Corporation is the other half of the companie with 30 years plus entertainment and music industry experience. Brings up the backend and day to day operations at ASA television. Mr. willis has been a pillar to the music and entertainment industry since a teenage intern at stax records memphis tennessee and to many to list celebrity recording artist, national converts tours and national radio broker to many artist and labels.

Mr. willis brokered acquisitions to purchase “Global Network Music Group/ Record Lable  and Thee Creative Agency/ Marketing Firm” to give ASA Television Corporation a very powerful jump into the new world of media, movies, television, production and distribution.  ASA, Having this much power under one roof. Sets them apart from others with publication, marketing, music licensing, content distribution and studio production assets and services. ASA Television is enterprised to provide advertising and marketing companies. all they’re in need at one phone call 404-333-8770

Amaris Sophe Adara is a well diversified and a established industry leader. Located in Georgia’s most film friendly place on earth. North end of Atlanta. City of Chamblee Ga.



Chief Editor

Amaris Sophe Adara, Promotions Ads Model,Actress and Talk Show Host to "GURL TALK TV SHOW" Americas first IPTV Talk show to launch in 2013 Worldwide in eleven countries. Amaris Sophe Adara. CEO to Amaris Sophe Adara Television Corporation based Atlanta Georgia. Also is the youngest Ceo and woman Television Network owner in the U.S Your Founder and Chief Editor of Super Teens Magazine Amaris Sophe Adara

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