Backpack Kid LanierWorld Adventure

It was a sunny day on Monday August 1st, 2017 at LanierWorld. A crowd of young people and their families were waiting anxiously for a very special guest to take the stage at Sunset Cove. As the tension and excitement built, a skinny figure took the stage and immediately took the breath away from the audience. With a red backpack on, Russell Horning danced his heart out alongside his friends. After gaining attention on social media and stealing the show on SNL with Katy Perry, Russell Horning quickly became known to many as the “Backpack Kid.” The crowd cheered, clapped, and danced as the Backpack kid showed off his famous moves and grooved along to a few of his originally mixed songs.

After a sensational performance, the Backpack Kid and his friends “We Blazian,” took a few bows and smiled at the crowd’s applause. A line was formed for autographs and pictures as fans were finally able to meet their dancing idol. After each fan was greeted, the Backpack Kid hit the rides the slides with friends in tow.

The very first ride that was conquered was the Fun Dunker. With a twisty tube leading to an eventual drop in a pool, the Fun Dunker is no small feat. The Backpack Kid however could not stop smiling as he resurfaced from the water. His entire group of friends were full of adrenaline as they went on to the next ride.

The Backpack Kid was ready to try out LanierWorld’s most recent slide- CAT4. Holding on tight to the handles of the inner tube, the Backpack Kid and “We Blazian” went flying down the steep slide, went over the boardwalk, and splashed right into the actual lake. Climbing out of the water with windswept hair and even bigger smiles, the gang was ready for the toughest challenge yet…

Beneath his cool exterior, there lies a small fear within the Backpack Kid. Young Mr. Russell Horning is not the biggest fan of heights. But with a “can do” attitude and thirst for adventure, the Backpack Kid and his friends went soaring through the air and over the lake as they zip lined across the waterpark. Feeling extremely accomplished and excited, the Backpack Kid beamed at his friends at the landing.

It was a great day for Russell Horning, his fans, and LanierWorld. Having the Backpack Kid perform live on the Sunset Cove stage was the perfect opening for the back to school season.

Super Teens Magazine and Teens Channel 17 were honored to cover this event.  
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