Spring Break 2017

“Spring break has always been glorified and has been ingrained within us throughout life. Students all over the country dream about going on spring break trips with their friends. It is safe to say spring break is an exciting part of educational culture, but spring break is not defined until you have experienced it in Panama City, Florida.

Spring Break is the time where young and ambitious “by the book” individuals meet up with over the top party goers and everyone lets loose, usually more than expected. From beaches to booze, spring break is the one time each year where high schoolers, college undergrads, and even some grad students worldwide, forget that a 9am class or lecture ever existed in their life in any time zone.



The meaning of responsibility and morals are tested when you can easily have hardcore drunken nights deciding between making it safely back to your hotel room or hooking up with that one fine-ass individual you just met at a beach concert; or simply forget the word responsibility exists in the English language.

During spring break, college students party in some of the most popular spots and clubs all in one week. Because, let’s be honest, the whole point of spring break is to party so hard you make-up for all the studying of last year and the rest of the year ahead. In 2015, after years of complaints by locals who were fed up with what they saw as entirely too much debauchery, destruction, and disrespect for the town and its residents, Panama City banned alcohol on its beaches. The ban is set to remain in effect during spring break 2017, but regardless of the beach alcohol ban Panama City spring break is an awesome experience.

Some of the most popular locations during spring break are Panama City, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Cancun Mexico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Nassau, Bahamas.

Spring break has always been the beacon of celebration for students, but although the goal is to relax, party and unwind the end goal is to return back to school and/or home safely with nothing more than lasting memories. No matter where you decide to go for spring break, remember to prepare to have fun, be safe and create lifetime memories you can share.

Author: Jarrett Demetre



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