Super Teens Magazine, The first magazine to approach bridging the gap between High Seniors and College freshman’s. Neither side is warmly welcomed and most often find themselves in a place all alone in their society.

We’re, here to provide society’s blind spot it’s very own life style, social community and source to a world of entertainment, inspiration and empowerment.

Super Teens Magazine is looking forward to promoting high school and college events, work shops and entertainment events geared directly towards super teenagers; turning into Americas next generation young adults.

We want to replace the high school- college isolation transition with the new you’re cool transition .It’s cool, healthy and fun to be a high school senior “slash” college freshman on either side of the fence.

Super Teens is Defined: Healthy Teens turning young adults, achieving their personal status.

We’re all about Empowering “Super Teens Worldwide” Starting Today ! So come Aboard.

Give our Amazing Articales a Read.

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